Inspired On Purpose

Founded by Inspiration

Designed to meet the need. We navigate you thru the complexities. How to control the costs. To know your options. Key-information to preserve your family nest-egg. With the potential to save you thousands.

The Smart Gal's Guide

We still believe in Marriage. But we understand there may be times when Divorce may come into our life. We provide you with "Insider-thinking." We know the things that most lawyers don’t tell you.

Our Purpose

To Guide Women thru. We are "The Smart Gal's Guide."
How to think it thru?
How to control the costs?
How to limit the losses?
We know the business of Divorce.


Sara A., Founder, Author, Speaker and Guiding Clients

With a heart to encourage, Sara was inspired to launch Divorce Buddys. Founded in 2012.  A Certified Divorce Coach. In 2017, she expanded with The Smart Gal's Guide. Now a published Author, Speaker and Guiding Clients. 

Sharing her message across America on a TV and Radio Book Tour. Sara shares experience, insight and key-information for women walking through the journey of divorce. Sara still believes in marriage. She has lived and learned through the complexities of divorce and sees the need to guide women to become well-informed. Better-informed. Following a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from The University of Texas, Austin, Sara has a resume of business development. Inspired on purpose. Sara provides "Insider-thinking." To guide you thru Divorce. To guide you After...

Sandra D., Certified Divorce Coach and Co-Contributor

Sandra finds much purpose in assisting women who are working through this divorce journey. Sandra believes in The Smart Gal's Guide and the Divorce Buddys concept to help guide women. Sandra was previously divorced, and is now happily remarried. She has learned from the challenges of divorce.  Sandra has a kind heart and recognizes the needs of the children as well as the adults.  She is the loving mother of a blended family.

With Sandra's Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from The University of Texas, Austin, Sandra has over 20 years as a professional Engineer and more recently an at-home Mom. Sandra wants to help women through the divorce process. Sandra now finds much purpose in assisting women who are working through the complexities of divorce.   Sandra is a Certified Divorce Coach and also a Co-contributor of "The Smart Gal's Guide thru Divorce."