We have the potential to save you thousands.

We provide resources of information, experience and guidance at a fraction of the cost. 

When in the journey of Divorce, we agree that the Lawyer leads the legal process.

Yes, at Divorce Buddys, we honor the Lawyer.  And we recommend to hire a Family Law Attorney. 
But generally, we have found that a Lawyer often tends to keep a professional distance.  And those billable hours can add up at a traditionally high billable rate.

We provide valuable insight to control the costs.  To inform how to limit those financial losses.  

To control those billable hours.  To control "The Tennis Game of Divorce".  

Learn smart ways to control the costly back and forth.  To preserve the family nest-egg.

Our Service Options are available to you through in-person meetings or via private telephone appointments.   
We are here to think it thru with you.  

No need to go solo.   We are Divorce Buddys.

Take a breather.  Spend time with those who understand what you’re going through.
By attending our Divorce Buddys Seminars, you will become better informed with "Insider-thinking".

Option 1 Initial Consultation, 30 minutes Complimentary No fee.
Option 2 One 2-Hour Meeting Time 2-Hours $270.
Option 3 Divorce Buddys Smart Time 7-Hours $770.
Option 4 Your Time Savings $$ 10-Hours $970.

​​​​​​The Discovery, the Documents, the Details and the Delays.


The Complexities of Divorce

  • Attend our Seminars designed especially for women only. 
  • We present key-information to guide you through the complexities.  
  • We have the potential to save you thousands.
  • Hear a presentation from The Guide-Book, “The Smart Gal's Guide thru Divorce”.
  • Presented by Speaker and Author, Sara A.
  • Plus learn from specially selected Guest Speakers.
  • Hear about Selective Referrals.
  • Divorce Buddys Seminars – By Reservation.​  For Women Only.

Although Divorce Buddys and "The Smart Gal's Guide thru Divorce" may provide information and opinions regarding the divorce process, Divorce Buddys and "The Smart Gal's Guide thru Divorce" do not provide professional legal, financial or mental health counseling.  Please consult a licensed professional for these matters.

"Divorce Dizziness"



“The Smart Gal's Guide”

To Navigate. To Guide you thru.
Certified Divorce Coaches,

Private and Confidential.

Our Divorce Buddys Consultation Meeting Plans