We know the complexities and the wide range of needs thru the

journey of Divorce.

With Divorce Buddys,

we are able to suggest services from a list of approved vendors to

meet your needs as

you move forward.

New days ahead for you.

At Divorce Buddys,

We are The Smart Gal's Guide. 

Discover "Insider-thinking"

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Founded in 2012

​Certified Divorce Coaches

Guiding Women to 

become well-informed. 

“Over 25 Key-Areas of Concern” 
“The 30 Most-Costly Mistakes"

 Sara A., Author, Speaker, Guide

 Crystal Award Finalist 2017

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​ Crystal Award Finalist 2015


We Think It thru with You.  Smart Thinking.


We Guide Women to become well-informed regarding 

     The complexities of Divorce.

We Guide You thru “Divorce Dizziness”.  
     The Discovery

             The Documents,

                          The Details 

                                   And the Delays.

 We think it thru with you.  

     A Wealth of Information.

     We have the potential to Save you Thousands.

The Divorce


Considering a Divorce?

Confused on the next step?

Delayed with details?

We know what you're

going thru, and what's

up ahead. The Divorce Guide. Navigating

thru the process.

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