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Divorce Buddys

Email: information@divorcebuddys.com

Phone: 713-817-6217

1415 S. Voss Road

Houston, Texas 77057

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Disclaimer: Although Divorce Buddys may provide information and opinions regarding the divorce process, Divorce Buddys does not provide professional legal, financial or mental health counseling.  Please consult a license professional for these matters. Selective Referrals are available for our members.

1415 S. Voss Road, #110   Houston   Texas   77057

Houston, Texas

Divorce Buddys

Walking Through Divorce With You

At Divorce Buddys, we are Divorce Recovery Consultants.
We know the business-side of divorce. We empower women to be well-informed about divorce, details and costly detours.
We listen and explain the divorce process.
Experience, Guidance and Encouragement.

We are Divorce Recovery Consultants. We provide valuable wisdom and encouragement for women walking through the divorce process.

The Lawyer leads the legal process, and we help guide you through to divorce recovery.

We think it through with you. We prepare you with key information ahead of time. You are our priority. We understand. We help you move forward.

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Experience, Guidance and Recovery

Our Divorce Buddys Events


For Women Only

Seminar - A Smart Guide

By Reservation.

 Monthly Meetings

By Reservation.

 Coffee Talk

By Reservation.

 Holiday Event

By Reservation.

Take a breather. By attending our Divorce Buddys events, you will become better informed and gain new insight. Spend time with those who understand what you’re going through and what’s up ahead. We are Divorce Buddys.

Wise Divorce Strategies

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Divorce involves numerous considerations in the legal process. We know over “25 Key Areas of Concern” for you to consider. We think it through with you.

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